Files Upload

In order to upload your album please follow this instructions:

*If you work with MemadorPro software to design the album, Compress all the exports files into single ZIP file (exports include photos, a Lowres folder and epan file), just upload the zip file.
*If you work with other software then MemadorPro to design the album, make sure to save all images as jpg files, and arrange them according to rises numbering, Compress all the files into single ZIP file, just upload the zip file.

*Fill the required fields and the order in step one.
*Fill the required fields in step two and select the files to send..

Terms & Conditions:

Filling out this order does not confirm that we receive the files and/or started to produce the order.
If there is an error in the order, please contact our office as soon as possible (by phone or e-mail).
Upon sending this order, the customer confirms that all files sent for production are valid and can be produced immediately.
Memador is not responsible for the lack of unsent files and such files will not be printed, unless the album was designed or the pages were placed in the Memador Pro software.
Files that are not placed in the Memador Pro software (jpg’s) will be printed in alphabetical order.

Thank you for ordering from Memador – The art of technology

If you have any questions about orders, please contact us before sending your files via:
Phone: +972-1-700-700-762