Album Design

As part of the complete solution that we give to photographers, we offer digital album design and editing services.

The design is done using the professional Memador Pro software so that we will do all the necessary color correction and quality improvement for each image and image in the album.

Remember that every event is different and therefore every graphics we make will be different and personal for that event.

Memador Pro – Professional Albums Design Tool

Memador offers photographers advanced software solutions for digital albums designing in a quick, easy and high standards way:

Memador-Pro software
Memador-Pro Ultimate software developed by our R&D division. is developed by years of experience working with professional photographers, the software was developed specifically to give the photographers a simple tool to operate and professional tool for designing digital albums. Memador-Pro allowing you to express the artistic side of you.
Memador-Pro Ultimate comes in multiple languages, including: English, French, German, Netherlands, Spanish, Portugese, Chinese, Turkish and Hebrew.
Memador-Pro Ultimate Design software is extremely fast and takes half the time compared to other albums design software available on the market.
Memador-Pro Ultimate software design, allows us to make all your images Pro-color corrected and improved the quality of the image.
So you can get the best product that will give you mostly do what you do best – take pictures in your artistic work .