MemadorPro Design Software

MemadorPro Ultimate software developed by our R&D team after years of experience of working with professional photographers. The software was developed specifically to give you a professional and easy-to-use tool for digital album design, you can express your artistic side in the best possible way. You have the option to design a professional album in a few minutes and if necessary it gives us the possibility to correct the images colors in all of the album.

The software can be downloaded for free by clicking here

Memador Albums

Mamador advanced digital albums – high quality albums with lifetime warranty.

Mamador albums are the best albums for you. The albums are printed at the highest quality on a variety of different substrates,lifetime warranty and maximum flexibility in creating your unique album.

Memador ImageBox

We went back to the old shoes box that was still in the closet full of pictures and turned it into the best box of memories, a box that no longer had to hide in the closet.

With the most advanced image processing and printing technology, Memador is proud to present Memador ImageBox! The box contains your favorite pictures they are protected from the hazards of time and environment and will be preserved for future generations as well.

The box is very suitable for printing photos from the wedding and in fact for any event from our lifetime.

Memador proud to present – who to produce the best digital albums

Memador is  a leading professional photo lab from Jerusalem, Israel.

The company offers high-quality printing solutions, such as:

  • Professional digital albums: Memador digital albums.
  • Memador ImageBox: Memador-photo prints in various of sizes.
  • Images Prints:  13/18cm size (5/7″) or 15/21cm size (6/8.5″) Images prints – high quality printing service.
  • Enlargements and Fine art: Images prints in various of sizes (from 20/30cm {7.9/11.8″} and up to 120/300cm {48/118″}), printing on different papers such as matte / gloss / metallic / transparent and other fine art papers.
  • Wall displays: images printed on a wide range of materials, such as Kappa-foam board (10 mm thick), Gator board (10mm thick), Mdf wooden board (12 mm thick), PVC panels (on various of thicknesses and colors), Dibond board (3 mm thick) in black or silver and Acrylic transparent Plexiglas in matte or glossy finish (on various of thicknesses).
  • Framing: Framing images with wide range of colored aluminum framing.
  • HP Indigo digital printing: printing on a variety of papers (maximum page size is 30/45 cm {12/17.8″} with the possibility of two-sided printing), printing by using 4/5/6/7 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Light Light Black) with finishing options.
  • Scanning services and image editing: photos scanning, negatives scanning and image processing.
  • Exhibitions and projects planning: our service staff will be happy to give you all the help you need by planning your next project. Memador team had experience in planning exhibitions (permanent and temporary) and planning special projects with challenges.

Looking to the Future

At Memador we face the future and we continue to develop the world’s advanced image processing and printing technologies so we can produce the best prints for you with uncompromising quality.

We work with dedication and efficiency to provide you with the highest quality products and to be your first choice in printing albums and photos.

Want to lead? Memador gives you the tools to succeed with the best prints!

Want to print professional digital photos or albums? Contact us at (+972) 1-700-700-762 or e-mail (memador @ and we will be glad to give you service.

Memador Albums – Lifetime Memories

By using the unique Memador technology – you can get a high quality album with a lifetime warranty.
Memador albums are more resistant than any other album! damage caused by time, liquids, humidity, light, fingerprints, all these and more will not hurt Memador’s albums.
Want to perpetuate the most important memories? Order your Memador album today

Memador Professional Digital Albums

Memador specializes in the design and creation of photography productions – printing and producing products to the professional photography market.

Thanks to our high quality products and developments: photographers can show their work at the highest possible quality and artistic level.


Memador pages are engineered to utilize the latest in true digital offset technology. They are printed on highly-specialized machines that have been transformed into superbly capable photo print processors. The two-sided prints are encapsulated in a high-quality lamination. This ensures a highly archival photo life and makes pages resistant to damage from moisture and light. Since Memador pages are less bulky, you can utilize hundreds of additional images from every

Memador offers a wide selection of bindings from around the world, using innovative materials and unique textures which give albums the desired look. Sizes may vary from pocket albums to giant luxury albums that can be proudly leafed through, as well as small-scale versions of the album (mini-albums) as keep-sakes for friends and family. Large Memador albums come with a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty signed by the senior technician assuring rigorous quality control .

The Lifetime System
The unique LifeTime system developed by Memador is based on acid free printing, and layers of high quality lamination. These measures protect photos from the damages of time, moisture, fingerprints, color fading and even from natural aging. The result is albums that excel not only in their quality and elegant appearance, but also in their ability to preserve pictures for a lifetime. realistic and to appear almost three-dimensional.

Lay Flat System
This unique invention, patented by Memador, allows the pages of the album to be spread almost flat, ensuring optimal viewing, . Panoramic pictures can be displayed across two pages with virtually no seam.

Cutting Edge Color Correction
After a long period of investigation, the Memador Imaging Research Team developed quality algorithms which dramatically enhance image quality. This unique development allows for pictures to be sharper, more realistic and to appear almost three-dimensional.

Technical Data
A typical Memador album includes between 25 to 50 double side pages, but we print even thicker albums of 70 pages. Horizontal albums are the most popular, consequently we offer the widest range of covers for them.
We could receive your sRGB or ADOBE RGB files in three different ways:
1.If you design your album using “Memador Design” program, on top of enjoying a quick and rational workflow, your images will be individually color corrected by experienced technicians using ProColor advanced alogarithms.
2.If you have designed your album using Adobe Photoshop or any other design program, you can introduce the JPG spreads to “Memador Design”, you can also indicate whether you want the opening and closing transparencies to be printed. By doing this simple action you will avoid some possible errors and you will be able to double check that the proportion of your design will fit the desired one.
3.You can also deliver just the JPG files provided that the design was done accordingly to our size instructions and that the names of the files are clear and subsequent ( 1.jpg, 2.jpg…)

For options 2 and 3, please color correct your files using good calibrated monitors and prepare the files to a resolution of between 200 and 300 DPI.

The standard Memador album is supplied in a Matt or Glossy finish. Optionally at a surcharge fee the pages could be delivered with a special Matt UV and scratch protected lamination or with Canvas pages.
There are 3 main formats to choose from:

Horizontal album
Premium: 40/32.02 cm. (Spread size 80×30.02 cm.)
Ultra: 38.1×30.5 cm. (Spread size 76.2×30.5 cm.)
Smart: 35.7/28 cm. (Spread size 71.4×28 cm.)
Deluxe: 28.3×22.7 cm. (Spread size 56.6×22.7 cm.)
Compact: 25.3×20.2 cm. (Spread size 50.6×20.2 cm.)
Small: 17.8×14.2 cm. (Spread size 35.6×14.2 cm.)

Square album
Premium: 31.5/31.5 cm. (Spread size 73×31.5 cm.)
Ultra: 28/28 cm. (Spread size 56/28 cm.)
Deluxe: 22.7×22.7 cm. (Spread size 45.4×22.7 cm.)
Compact: 20.3×20.3 cm. (Spread size 40.6×20.3 cm.)
Small: 12.5×12.5. (Spread size 25×12.5 cm.)








The standard album is supplied in Memador-Photo finsh or in Matte or Glossy finsh, you can get a special UV finish which is protected from scratches, or “canvas texture” finish.
Memador offers a variety of covers from around the world, using innovative materials and unique textures which give albums the look you want, in the website you can see our standard covers (There are additional covers can be ordered extra charge).

Memador ImageBox

Memador continues to innovate the photographic industry in Israel and abroad, with new and revolutionary developments, we launched a new product on the market: MemadorImageBox.
After investing in more development, Memador reached the highest quality printing that is available.
The product is suitable for portfolios, weddings or other happy events, as a gift or as a “memories box” that will capture life important moments in a beautiful images.
The MemadorImageBox contains 50, 100, 150 or 200 images, the photos may include digital frame (white/black frame around the image) and the product comes with a deluxe.
Memador-photo technology with is the latest technology with thicker paper than the old photographic paper. Memador-photo is better quality paper, which is protected from the ravages of time and the environment (and even water).
On the back of each picture will be added the name of the photographer, the image name (file name), and the order number for future orders.

MemadorImageBox are available in the following sizes (with or without digital frame as described below):

Advanced Photo Printing Technology

We at Memador provide printing solutions to photographers for all their demands, so we have developed a new method to “developing” images not like in the old minilab machines.
The images printed on “Memador-Photo” a special new technology and papers, all the images are color corrected and quality improved and all of tham are protected with special coatings.
On the back of each picture is the name of the image (file name) and the order number for future orders.

Image sharpness, quality and color depth in the Memador-Photo is better than the old photo paper.

The images can be obtained in following sizes (an asterisk marks that this size is also available with a white frame):

Enlargements and Prints

Memador is a leading professional photo lab, the company offers its customers printing on silver halide (chemical photo paper from Kodak or Fuji) up to size 120/300cm (48″/118″).
The exposing of the silver halide made by Cymbolic Lightjet machine. this machine allows us to give you a higher quality print with deeper and sharper color than any other silver halide  machine.
Our background as a photo lab allows us to produce digital prints in the highest artistic quality.
We offer finishing solution for our printing such as: laminating, framing, hanging and display systems, as well a variety of boards materials such as Kappa, Gator, MDF wood, PVC, Dibond  etc.. any substance have his advantage such as strength, durability and weight. We will be happy to advise and assist you in accordance with your work.

Prints and Photo Finishes

Memador expresses the most advanced technology of digital prints and offers fine art prints up to a size of 30/45 cm  {12/17.8″}.

The prints are made in improved HP-Indigo machine using seven colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light light black) on a variety of paper: chromo paper, uncoated paper, plastic based paper, cotton paper, transparencies, labels, and more..

Our use in Indigo machines allows us to reach a very wide range of colors, our expertise also allows us to print perfect black&white prints (the equivalent to the old style black&white photo paper print).

Digital offset printing

As a providers of solutions for the photographic world, we provide a complete solution for all of the printing needs such of artisans catalogs producing, cards, stickers and many other products related to the connection of two worlds: offset printing and photography.
Indeed, our unique approach will stand out photographic offset printing.
We hold a number of HP Indigo digital offset printing machines. Together with our experience as a photo lab, we developed a high-quality algorithms that dramatically improve the print quality. This unique development allows the image to be sharper and more realistic.
Memador is the only photo lab that provides a real photo offset printing.
This service is suitable for photographers (professional and students) who want to produce photo books, quality calendars or other photographic quality products.

Who are we?

Memador is a professional photo lab based in Jerusalem, Israel
Run by 2nd generation printers, Memador strives to give every image the attention it deserves, from large 3m prints, to small 10×15 postcards.
This is reflected in its careful attention to colors – Memador runs a strictly calibrated environment, to ensure each print is as accurate as possible, without ever compromising the artistic concept behind it.

Memador specializes also in the design and creation of classic prestige albums utilizing digital design technology of its own development, which enables photographers to present their works at the highest quality and artistic level.

Memador meaning is “Memory Adoration”. We help you keep the best memores, and our goal is to provide advanced and special photographic product.

Memador also believes in the importance of giving back to the community. That’s why people with disabilities work alongside experienced professionals, on every product coming out of Memador’s production process.
Memador is among Israel’s most advanced photo printers, working on a daily basis with the largest museums and galleries in the country, as well as leading professional photographers and organizations.

As a sign of the innovation spirit and the top quality prints of the company, Memador won first place in the albums competition held by DIMA organization during the prestigious PMA exhibition.
DIMA Organization comparing and judging photographic and imaging technology. DIMA album competition presents all aspects of the production of photo album and included dozens of participants from around the world. Israeli Memador has the highest number of criteria, when in printing quality Memador wons the maximum grade of all the judges.

Customer Service
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