Memador specializes in the design and creation of classic prestige albums utilizing digital design technology of its own development, which enables the best photographers to present their works at the highest quality and artistic level | ממאדור מתמחה בעיצוב ויצירה של אלבומים קלאסים המשדרים יוקרה, תוך ניצול טכנולוגית עיצוב דיגיטלי פרי פיתוחנו, המאפשר לצלמים הטובים ביותר להציג את יצירותיהם באיכות הגבוהה ביותר וברמה אמנותית | הפקת אלבומים | אלבום דיגטלי | אלבום דיגיטאלי | אינדיגו | ממאדור | פרואלבום | אלבומים מקצועיים | בית דפוס | דפוס דיגיטלי | דפוס דיגיטאלי | אלבום | כריכה לאלבום | כריכות לאלבומים | Memador | Proalbum | Pro-album | album | digital | hp indigo
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Production Partners

The ultimate goal of the company is to divulge the latest professional imaging workflow among partners around the world.

Professional photographic laboratories and digital offset printers can now enjoy and take advantage of a very efficient workflow composed of interlaced programs that enhance every production step in order to get the best quality at minimum costs.
While the level of investment and business model will depend on existing infrastructures and organization a well maintained HP Indigo or similarly high quality digital offset printer would be the main necessary capital investment.

Memador pages are engineered to utilize the latest in true digital offset technology. They are printed on highly-specialized machines that have been transformed into superbly capable photo print processors. The two-sided prints are encapsulated in a high-quality lamination. This ensures a highly archival photo life and makes pages resistant to damage from moisture and light

Memador Outstanding Features

The Memador Lifetime System
The unique LifeTime system developed by Memador is based on acid free printing, and layers of high quality lamination. These measures protect photos from the damages of time, moisture, fingerprints, color fading and even from natural aging. The result is albums that excel not only in their quality and elegant appearance, but also in their ability to preserve pictures for a lifetime. realistic and to appear almost three-dimensional.
Memador Life-Time

Memador Lay-Flat The Memador Lay Flat System
This unique invention, patented by Memador, allows the pages of the album to be spread almost flat, ensuring optimal viewing. Panoramic pictures can be displayed across two pages with virtually no seam.

Cutting Edge Color Correction
After a long period of investigation, the Memador Imaging Research Team developed quality algorithms which dramatically enhance image quality. This unique development allows for pictures to be sharper, more realistic and to appear almost three-dimensional
Memador Color-Correction

HP Indigo Get more from your HP-Indigo
Start producing the most sophisticated wedding albums in the world.
We will walk you through the production of Memador professional albums by providing you with our flawless technology and workflow.
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The Art of Technology

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