Memador specializes in the design and creation of classic prestige albums utilizing digital design technology of its own development, which enables the best photographers to present their works at the highest quality and artistic level | ממאדור מתמחה בעיצוב ויצירה של אלבומים קלאסים המשדרים יוקרה, תוך ניצול טכנולוגית עיצוב דיגיטלי פרי פיתוחנו, המאפשר לצלמים הטובים ביותר להציג את יצירותיהם באיכות הגבוהה ביותר וברמה אמנותית | הפקת אלבומים | אלבום דיגטלי | אלבום דיגיטאלי | אינדיגו | ממאדור | פרואלבום | אלבומים מקצועיים | בית דפוס | דפוס דיגיטלי | דפוס דיגיטאלי | אלבום | כריכה לאלבום | כריכות לאלבומים | Memador | Proalbum | Pro-album | album | digital | hp indigo
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The Art of Technology

Memador specializes in the design and creation of superb quality photographic productions.

Thanks to our exclusive innovations and to our high quality products: photographers can present their work at the highest quality and artistic level.
After years of development and research throughout the market- Memador has developed a full workflow that allows orders management, intelligent image enhancement and a unique album binding system.

Memador R&D division developed this very efficient workflow of three interlaced programs that enhances every production step in order to get the best quality at acceptable costs:
1. MemadorPro (digital album design software)
2. Memador ProColor (color correction software)
3. Memador ProManage (administrative and tracking system)

The Memador workflow allows photographic laboratories to create in a simple,efficient and massive scale, professional digital albums with offset printers like the HP Indigo System or Silver Halide Photographic printers.

New In Memador - The newest albums: The Memador-Photo, read on our website more details about the world's most advanced albums range, or contact us by clicking here.

The Art of Technology

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